Quick Start Challenge Week 3

In the Quick Start Challenge Week 3… Following the past posts, we continue the same path and build out some more on the system. Just made a new squeeze page and where I give away a FREE Report, then hooked it up to my autoresponder. Easy tasks so far. You can check it out here: …

FunnelHacks Review

FunnelHacks Review – Buyers Review. Welcome to this Funnelhacks Review where you get to see the inside of the program. Product: Funnel Hacks. Description: A very comprehensive step-by-step internet marketing course on funnels and traffic. Vendor: Russell Brunson. Price: $997.00. Personal and Clickfunnels Original Bonuses included,┬ásee more below. The positives about Funnelhacks: Support: Email. Typically …

Outsourcing using Fiverr

Outsourcing using Fiverr is one of the ways to cut down on your workload in order to get more things done faster and for cheaps. Starting from just $5.00! In this post, I will discuss the ins and outs of outsourcing with Fiverr. Outsourcing as a technique for getting tedious work done, or instead of …

Best books for entrepreneurs

Best Books for Entrepreneurs. Some of them are in the category, “must-have”.   Your pc monitor or tablet certainly work as a reading platform, but our eyes read paper material much easier. Today I will make a list of some of the best books for entrepreneurs which helped shaped me, and also guided me into …


How do one get more conversion and what exactly IS “Conversion”?
Conversion can be measured in money.
To be exact you can say it is your most important skill as a marketer to have.
Let’s say you spend $100.00 on an ad. The ad itself generates $100.00.
This means you have an ad that is converting pretty well. In fact it is not converting at all but that does not mean you can’t change around on the words in your ad and then get more than the 100 dollars you invested.
Return On Investement known as R.O.I is a term anyone understands. You want a […]